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Death of Hunger in South Sudan

It was announced on Monday, famine was declared in South Sudan, this is not the first of its kind. Multiple other nations in Africa and Asia remain on the verge of declaring famine.
The new nation of South Sudan gained its independence in 2011 with its rather large population of around 11.3 million and growing. It is estimated around 40% of the country is in dire need of help, with little to no food in their communities.
According to the World Food Programme,  South Sudan ranks as the 11th country in the world for child hunger, with 32.5% of children under the age of 5 underweight. Previously South Sudan was making progress up until 2013, but due to the on going civil war and conflicts arising over a million people were forced to abandon their homes, reversing the progress made.

Conflict and war continue to rise in South Sudan, leaving many in physical danger and being under nourished.

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