End Hunger

Palestinian Hunger Strike

(WFD)— Ramallah, Palestine supporters of the Palestinian hunger striking prisoners gathered at a marquee in the downtown area.

Few dozen protested in solidarity with the prisoners across towns and villages in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, stretched across one end of Clock Square, its blue tarpaulin walls crammed with images of the prisoners. Much more than 1,000 Palestinians so far are held in Israeli prisons that have gone on hunger strikes.

Mahmoud who’s son is being held prisioner last visited Majd (his son) in prison two weeks before the hunger strike began, and his son informed him that he would be taking part. He had been suffering from an ear infection that required surgery, something that had worried his father, but he was determined to go ahead with the planned strike.

“When they decided to go on hunger strike, they had no choice,” Mahmoud said. “They are fighting for their humanity and their dignity. I don’t have any choice except to support him. I wished him and everyone success for the fight.” according to Al Jazeera.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said in a rare statement last week that it is Israel’s responsibility to ensure prisoners receive family visits. Human rights groups say it is a violation of international law to move prisoners from occupied territories to detention centers in Israel, which also makes it more difficult for relatives to visit the inmates.


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