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Somalia: 110 dead from hunger in past 48 hours of drought

(WFD)—  Somalian Prime Minister Khaire said saturday 110 people have died from hunger, resulting from drought in the past 48 hours.

Tuesday the Somalian government declared the drought a national disaster. PM Khaire made the announcement when speaking to the drought committee in Mogadishu (Hamar).

Somalia has been hit by a severe drought that has affected more than 6 million people. Whom are currently facing food insecurity and lack of clean water because of rivers that are dry with little to no incoming rain.

The U.N. humanitarian appeal for 2017 for Somalia is $864 million to provide assistance to 3.9 million people. The World Food Programme has requested $26 million additional to respond to the current drought.


Almost 260,000 people died of hunger during the last famine in Somalia at the time of the 2010-2012 food crisis, according to a UN report.

The world needs to act now, we can’t be too slow to respond again.


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  1. The origin of the world inequality is simple and easy to calculate: Modern world is ruled by the great oligarchies: businessmen, merchants, politicians, clerics, and army. This is truly a tragedy. Very happy to see you stand up, I am 100% with you

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