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Starving to Death in IDP Camps

(WFD)— Mogadishu, Somali nine people, including four children, died of hunger this week in internally displaced person camps due to on going issues of drought in Somalia.

Sources say all they had was water from a tap shared by the approximate 1,500 families currently living in Daryel, in Mogadishu’s Kahda district.

Internally displaced Somali people gather around a water point at a settlement camp in Hodan district south of capital Mogadishu, file. REUTERS/Feisal Omar

The people living in Daryel camp fled the harsh drought that has brought Somalia to the verge of famine, unlike their neighbors west who are not so lucky. Farmers and food products have not been able to make it to camps.

The death of people in this camp calls into question the efficiency of local aid.

According to families in the camp and officials. The distribution of cooked food as well as food items like pasta, milk and nutrient-rich biscuits for children, stopped in late April.

“The camp chairman, Mohamed Sheikh Hassan, said that after they saw people dying of hunger, they started collecting money from residents and among themselves to cook small portions of food every morning to give to 50 worst off families.  But he said they could not continue this food distribution without proper funding.”


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