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Why is East Africa facing a hunger crisis?

(WFD)— Conflicts and natural disaster on the rise in east Africa, it’s not surprising hunger remains an issue. Day by day millions are added to the “hunger list”, showing no possibility of decrees.  

Droughts (absence of water/rainfall) play a crucial role to the famine. Where crops are dying, little to no agriculture taking place. In Somalia alone from 10′ to 12′ an estimated 250,000 plus deaths occurred due to droughts-resulting in food shortages.  

Crisis in East Africa

Conflicts are also a major set back including the collapse of Somalia, the insurgency in Uganda, refugee camps in Tanzania, simmering relations in Burundi and Rwanda with little to no chance to peace anytime soon.

This economic downfalls brought a major blow back to east Africa, in food securities. At this very second someone just died from food shortage, hunger.


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