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Why Solve Hunger?

(WFD)— The billion dollar question to ending world hunger is when, why and how? To understand this problem we have to understand the cause of it, Newton’s third law of motion for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

There is not a specific date, or time period to when the global food crisis started, but indeed there are numerous causes to how food shortage started.                                                                                                                                                      

According to the humanitarian organization Concern Worldwide major causes of World Hunger seem to be from (which is the action causing the hunger)

  1. War and Conflict – It’s no coincidence that many of the world’s “conflict hot spots” are also the regions most ravaged by hunger. Imagine how difficult it is for a community stressed by violence, crumbling infrastructure, and fleeing refugees to support stable food systems. In many cases, a family whose life has been interrupted by war will see a drop in income and access to arable land. War and conflict drastically impact food supply and security.
  2. Weather and Climate Change – Natural disasters leave dramatic impact on the production of arable land. Between droughts, floods, and tropical storms, weather can be unpredictable and devastating. Although a natural disaster may strike quickly, its long-term damage can be unimaginable. In many developing countries, farmers depend on one small plot of land. If this land is destroyed by natural disaster, their source of food and livelihood is washed away with it.
  3. Agricultural Practices – In recent years, farmers have seen an increase in deforestation, desertification, soil erosion, and drought. Combined with overgrazing, over-cropping, and deforestation, the impact of poor agricultural practices can destroy arable land. By improving farming practices and increasing access to quality infrastructure, we can make huge strides in eliminating hunger.
  4. Population Growth – As the populations of countries rise, so too does the demand for food. Population growth has hit developing countries especially hard. Compounded with rising food prices, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to match food production rates with population growth rates.
  5. Poverty – Like hunger, poverty is often a cyclical, structural crisis. In most cases, poverty and hunger go hand-in-hand. As a family sinks into poverty, they are forced to stretch their meager income. As more money is spent on food, less money is available to spend on health care, savings, and education. Farmers may find themselves unable to purchase seeds, tools, or farming equipment. Poverty is a cause of hunger, but it is an effect as well.


To resolve this dilemma the reaction to ending world hunger on behalf of World Fasting Day

  1. Advocate There can never be an end to an problem if we never acknowledge there is a problem. The vast population can only see what the eye shows them, the millions starving is not visible to their naked eye. This is often due to the major hunger crisis taking place in 3rd world – underdeveloped countries. The first step is to come as one, joining our fellow man hand to hand in remembrance of all the starving people- to understand it is never to late to save a life.
  2. Food This may sound like the obvious, but what kind of food? Genetically modified organismsthere are many arguments out there against GMO’s, but to them I ask this simple question. Which is worse genetically modified food or no food? As the population of the world grows, food supply is needed more and more, without usage of this phenomenon our chances of survival cripples.  
  3. Leadership Don’t just sit around on your idea to ending world hunger, act on it. There is nothing better than innovating to the beneficiary of mankind. Make your voice heard and END WORLD HUNGER.

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  1. This is a really great cause your fighting with a terrific way of engagement. Giving us a chance to experience hunger to bring awareness is pure genius. The tips to combating hunger is well laid out, I’m surprised a high school kid made this. Best of luck

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